Tradition of Mascots

Mascots and the NFL go hand in hand.The NFL has been around since 1920. (Then it was known as the American Professional Football Conference.) From the very beginning both teams had mascots. No, there were not actually guys in costumes on the field but they were distinguished as Tanks, Bulldogs, Heralds, Blues, Staleys, Cardinals, Triangles and Prospects. 

Almost every NFL team has a designated mascot. But what is the use of having a one anyway? A decent Mascot Costume costs money, takes time to design and pick, and it also requires someone to wear the suit. Why would anyone bother to find a unique character to represent them? What is it that makes a mascot so attractive? It's just some guy jumping around in a huge goofy looking suit, right? Major sports teams all have them. Why? Universities, High schools, Junior Highs, and even Elementary Schools have them. Why? Cereal Companies use them, in fact lots of corporate companies will adopt some sort of mascot. Why? Well they do a few things.

Making Things Distinguishable.
Mascots are often used when describing a team in the NFL. It's another way of keeping things fresh in your mind. The business world uses them so you remember their brand. When trying to think of cereal to eat you go, "Oh Look! It's the big funny rabbit!" And pick that box becasue it's set the company apart.


Mascots get people pumped up at sporting events. From the moment they burst onto the field to the moment they leave all eyes are on them. They choreograph dance routines, acrobatic stunts, and sometimes they'll participate with Cheerleaders and Drill-Team members. They also get to do something that the athletes can't do. Celebrate after a goal. Mascots also get the crowd excited before and after games by posing for pictures, signing autographs, etc.

Good Luck Charms

Mascots actually began as giant good-luck charms. Today, lots of people still believe that mascots are a source of good luck. If not, they're still really entertaining during the game and half-time.


It's a little more intimidating to know that you're up against the "Wolverines" than "San Pete County High School." To know that you're school has a vicious mascot or at least one to be proud of is a great morale-booster too.

So back to the NFL. This site is dedicated to telling everything about the NFL's mascots.

Here's a list of all the NFL Teams/Mascots

San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos
Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Arizona Cardinals
San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts
Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Jets
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Carolina Panthers
New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders
St.Louis Rams
Baltimore Ravens
Washington Redskins
New Orlean Saints
Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans
Tennesse Titans
Minnesota Vikings