Cincinnati Bengals

Members of the North Division of the AFC, current AFC North Division Champions, and From Ohio...The Cincinnati Bengals! The Cincinnati Bengals played their first two seasons, 1968 and 1969, as members of the AFL. They joined the NFL as part of the Merger in 1970. The creator of the team, Paul Brown, was opposed to the team being an AFL Franchise. He has been quoted as saying, "I didn't pay ten million dollars to be in the AFL." However, he let the team become part of the AFL after he was certain the Merger would occur and make them an NFL team. Who Dey isn't the first Tiger mascot that Cincy residents have seen. Paul Brown selected the Bengal because he desired "to give it a link with past professional football in Cincinnati." Also, the rare White Bengal resided in the Cincinatti Zoo.

Location-Cincinnati, Ohio
Claim to Fame-San Wyche First made the no-huddle offense a standard for his team.
Fast Fact-The Bengals reached the Super Bowl twice during the 1980's, but lost to the 49'ers both times.

Name-Who Dey