Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are members of the AFC, Western Division in the NFL.  Strangely, they were started when Minor League Baseball owner Bob Howsam got an AFL Charter franchise. The Denver Broncos won the first-ever American Football League game when they defeated the Boston Patriots.They were also the first AFL team to beat an NFL team when they won over the Detroit Lions. They struggled during the first few years. it took 13 years for them to win a championship game. (Making them the only NFL team to not have a win during their first 10 years.) In Fact, the Broncos almost lost their franchise in 1965. They only survived because a local ownership group took control and rebuilt them. Miles was born when the Broncos won their second super bowl. He isn't just one of many mascot costumes though. He is a big part of public appearances. Especially in the Bronco's reading program, "Read like a pro."
Location-Denver, Colorado
Claim to Fame-The very first time the Broncos went to the playoffs they ended up in a Super Bowl Game.
Fast Fact-The Broncos original colors were white, brown, and mustard yellow. When they changed to their present colors they held a bonfire to burn their "uglier" uniforms.