Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are members of the AFC North division, in the NFL. They joined the NFL in 1950, right after the AAFC collapsed. They are one of Five teams that has not yet qualified for a chance to play in a Super Bowl. Also, their home town-Cleveland-is the only NFL city that has never hosted, or sent a team to, a super bowl. The "Browns" were chosen by a local vote, in honor of Paul Brown. Paul Brown objected and said he'd rather have a Panther mascot represent his team. This may be because he already owned the rights to "Cleveland Panthers" from a failed team. However, in the end, he let them use "Browns" as the team name.

Location-Cleveland, Ohio
Claim to Fame-The record for the fewest team fumbles in a season belongs to the 1959 Cleveland Browns. They only fumbled the ball eight times.
Fast Fact-Cleveland has won a total of eight league championships.

Name-CB, Chomps, TD, Trapper
Type-Dogs, specifically a Bull Mastiff, a Lab, a German Shepard, and and a Weimaraner.