Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills is a Professional Football team located in, where else? Buffalo, New York. They are members of the Eastern Division of the AFC in the NFL. American Football League titles were secured by this team in two consecutive years. 1964 and 1965. However, they have not won a championship since. The Buffalo Bills are also the only team to win four American Football Conference Championships and choke during all four Super Bowls. Interestingly, the only New York team that does not have "New York" in their name, The Buffalo Bills are the only team to play their home games in New York State. (the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey.) "Buffalo Bills" came from a local drawing. It was submitted to name them after the AAFC Buffalo Bills, a team that merged with the Cleveland Browns prior to this teams creation. The official mascot is Billy Buffalo. He is an eight foot tall, blue, American Buffalo. (That's one heck of a mascot costume; eight feet tall!) What other kind of animal would represent the Buffalo Bills?

Location-Buffalo, New York
Claim to Fame-The Buffalo Bills are the only team to win four consecutive American Football Conference Championships, and lose all four Super Bowls.
Fast Fact-In 1984, the Buffalo Bills are the ONLY team to play their home-games in New York State.

Name-William "Billy" Buffalo