Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are members of the NFC, Western Division of the NFL. The Arizona Cardianls are the oldest and longest-run Football Club in the United States. They are Current NFC Champions. The Cardinals are one of only two remaining original franchises from the NFL. (The other is the Chicago Bears.) In 2008 The Arizona Cardinals became the last NFC team since the 1970 Merger to reach the Conference Championship Game. Big Red wasn't always so menacing though. He was a highly criticized mascot. (Not the Mascot costume, but the Cardinal head symbol. It was called a "Parakeet." The head was made to be sleeker and more menacing.)

Location-Glendale, Arizona
Claim to Fame-The Cardinals were founded in 1898, and are the oldest continuously run professional American Football club in the United States.
Fast Fact-During World War II (1994) the Cardinals merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Name-Big Red