Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are members of the Western division of the AFC, in the NFL. According to Forbes the Kansas City Cheifs Football Club, As their Corporate name reads, is valued at just over 1 billion dollars. The date of their last championship game was made in 1970. It was a win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. The Kansas City Chiefs were made from the Dallas Texans. The creator of the team had submitted his idea for the Texans after being unable to relocate the Cardinals to Texas. The NFL turned him down. So he made his own football leauge. The AFL. Talk about wanting to have a team!

Location-Kansas City, Kansas
Claim to Fame-The Chiefs were the second AFL team (The Jets were first) to beat an NFL franchise in an AFL-NFL World Championship Game.
Fast Fact-A Pinto horse named "Warpaint" used to be their mascot. However in the 2009 season they were supposed to bring Warpaint back with K.C.

Don't Mess with Me!
On September 23, 2007 K. C. Wolf aided security guards in taking down a fan who had come on the field. He followed with a display of bodybuilding poses, proving you do NOT mess with the man in the mascot costume.