Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are a member of the NFC Eastern Division in the NFL. The Eagles have won three NFL titles and made two Super Bowl experiences. (They lost both however, One to the Oakland Raiders in 1980-the other to the Patriots in 2004.) They were made to replace the Frankford Yellow Jackets (a team who went bankrupt) after rights were purchased for a Philadelphia franchise. (The two teams were not the same though. There was about a years gap between the two, and almost no previous Yellow Jackets were on the Eagle's roster.) Because of man shortages during WWII they merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers to form the "Steagles." (The merge was never meant to be permanent and ended after the war.) They were named after the "Blue Eagle." (The Blue Eagle was a symbol used to represent the "New Deal" stimulus package issued after the Great Depression.) Swoop's mascot costume isn't a Blue Eagle. It's a Bald Eagle-the National Symbol.

Location-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Claim to Fame-The Eagles have won three NFL titles and made two Super Bowl appearances.
Fast Fact-The team was established in 1933 as a replacement for the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets.