Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are members of the Southern Division, NFC in the NFL. For years Jacksonville craved to have a team of their own. They tried to get the Colts and the Oilers to relocate to Jacksonville but to no avail. They also put in for a chance to get a team when Memphis, Baltimore, Charlotte, and St. Louis did. They were considered the least likely to be selected. Florida already had two NFL teams (The Bucs and the Dolphins) and hosted a lot of other football games in Jacksonville. However they made the cut with Charlotte (Panthers). Now, their stadium is shared with the Gator Bowl-a special non-alchohol family section set up as part of a previous agreement.

Location-Jacksonville Florida
Claim to Fame-During the Jaguars first five years in the league, they made the playoffs 4 times.
Fast Fact-The Jaguars are the third NFL team from Florida.

Name-Jaxson De Ville
Position-"12th Man" Coordinator
About him...
Since his introduction in 1996, Jaxson de Ville has served as the Jaguars' mascot. Jaxson entertains the crowd before and during games with his antics. The mascot has established a reputation for making dramatic entrances including bungee jumping off the stadium lights, sliding down a rope from the scoreboard and parachuting into the stadium.
However this wildcat mascot got himself into trouble in 1998 and stemmed the changing of the NFL's mascot rules, and also caused him to calm down. However, Jaxson was still seen, by some, as a mascot that gets in the way during the game. After the October 22, 2007 game against Indianapolis, Colts President Bill Polian complained to the NFL, and Jaxson was reprimanded again.
Maybe it's because, at least according to his side of the story, he used to be a stray.