New York Jets

The New York Jets are members of the Eastern Division, AFC in the NFL. They were first created as "The Titans of New York" but after being quickly bought out by a five-man syndicate (to save them from going bankrupt) they were renamed "Jets" and joined the NFL in the Merger deal. This was when their colors changed to Kelly Green and White (Possibly because Hess, one of the men who purchased them, owned several Gas Stations with that color scheme.) The stadium they play in is so close to Le Gaurdia Airport, that many times during their games you can hear real jets soar over the stadium. So while they don't have anyone in a jet mascot costume, they have jets fly over their games all the time.

Location-New York
Claim to Fame-In 2000, the Jets had the most first round picks in NFL Draft history with four.
Fast Fact-The Jets hold the distinction of being the first AFL team to defeat an NFL club. (They defeated the Colts in Super Bowl III)

The New York Jets are one of Five NFL teams that does not have a mascot. The other Four are the Rams, Packers, Giants, and Raiders.