Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are members of the Northern Division, NFC of the NFL. Originally they resided in Portsmouth, Oregon as the Portsmouth Spartans. They joined the NFL becasue local support was folding during the Great Depression. They were the smallest NFL city and were forced to relocate to Detroit in 1834. The lions have won four NFL championships but have yet to make it to a Super Bowl. They have had the second-longest streak of not winning a season, right behind the Cardinals. The last time the Lions won a season was back in 1957. They also have the second longest losing streak at 19 games in a row. (The Buccaneers hold the record at 26 lost games in a row.) Speaking of losing, the Detroit Lions are the only team in the National Football League to lose all 16 of their games. The Lions have pretty much always stuck with wildcat mascots. They were the Heralds at first but switched to a Tiger Mascot. (1921) Then they adopted a new Panther mascot for about seven years. After that they had a short escapade as Wolverines. Finally they picked Roary and have stuck with him.

Location-Detroit, Michigan
Claim to Fame-The Lions won their first NFL championship in 1935.
Fast Fact-Originally from Portsmouth, Ohio and called the Portsmouth Spartans.
Another Fast Fact-The Lions have always played on Thanksgiving day.