St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams are members of the Western Division of the NFC, in the NFL. The Rams have won three NFL Championships, including one Super Bowl. The Rams have existed Twice and are registered as two separate sports teams, even though the same man owned both franchises. IN 1946 the Rams moved from Cleveland to California where they changed from the "Cleveland Rams" to the "Los Angeles Rams." In 1995 the Rams moved again; this time to St. Louis. The Rams haven't got a mascot costume for their Bighorn Sheep-Just a Logo.

Location-St. Louis, Missouri
Claim to Fame-The Rams were the first team to score at least 500 points in three straight seasons.
Fast Fact-Post World War II, the Rams were the first team to employ African-American players.

The St. Louis Rams are one of Five NFL teams that does not have a mascot. The other Four are the Giants, Packers, Jets, and Raiders.