Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are members of the AFC, North Division in the NFL. They have only won one NFL Championship. They won in the 2000 season in Super Bowl XXXV over the Giants. The team is named after the poem, "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, who lived, died, and is buried in Baltimore Maryland. Coincidentally (or not) the team had three almost identical mascot costumes for a long time-up until the end of 2008. The three brothers were  named Edgar, Allen, and Poe. Each represented a different selection of Players. Edgar represented the linebacker, defensive back, fullback, quarterback, etc. Allen represented the Receivers and Running backs. Poe was the linemen.

Location-Baltimore, Maryland
Claim to Fame-They won the Super Bowl in the 2000 season. The title made the Ravens the fourth Baltimore-based pro football team to win a league championship.
Fast Fact-The Ravens had their mascots selected by chance. While building their stadium they came across a nest. They decided whatever hatched would be their mascot.

More than one?
The Ravens used to have three mascots. Edgar, Allen, and Poe. Poe is still here but his brothers aren't.